OneVoice CSDA Newsletter,  September 2018

Why Attend the CSDA 2018 Legal College? Hear why from 2 IV-D attorneys!

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By Ron Ladage, Assistant Director/Chief Attorney, El Dorado County DCSS, & Marissa de Almeida, Chief Attorney, Stanislaus County DCSS

The 2018 CSDA Legal College will be held October 1–4 at the Hyatt Regency Newport Beach in Orange County, CA. What do we have in store for you this year? First, we are offering 11 new and exciting sessions that will educate you on a wide range of topics including improving settlement outcomes through mediation strategies, deconstructing the tax code, civil procedure for the IV-D attorney, and the ever important “specialty” MCLE classes including ethics and competency. Additionally, attendees will be treated to a mock trial that will be interactive and immersive in teaching the rules of evidence, proper admission of evidence, and hearing preparation specific for the high volume IV-D Courtroom.

There is so much more that the Legal College offers that can best be explained by IV-D attorney attendees. El Dorado County DCSS attorney Adrienne Reed, with four years in the Program, describes the invaluable networking opportunities of the college.

“The CSDA Legal College is a great opportunity for IV-D attorneys to network with colleagues, share experiences, and expand their knowledge of the program all while earning valuable MCLE credits. Entering the governmental child support program either as a brand-new attorney, an attorney coming from a private family law practice, or from a completely different area of law, can be an overwhelming experience. The College helps to break down complex issues into manageable pieces while reinforcing the fundamentals of child support law.”

Another perspective is offered from El Dorado attorney Derek Hooper with just one year in the Program.

“The attorneys benefit from having direct access to subject matter experts where they can have face-to-face conversations about problems and issues unique to their county and caseload. The Networking Reception and happy hour is a great opportunity for attorneys to meet colleagues from other counties in a more relaxed, casual atmosphere and make new friends and connections that will prove invaluable as attorneys return back to their counties to put their knowledge to use. In addition to the terrific content, the conference provided opportunity for unstructured social time which I found valuable and enjoyable. I was able to spend time with several other attorneys who shared freely their practices, challenges and solutions. The networking provided me relationships that have enhanced my enjoyment and efficiency as a child support attorney.”

This year CSDA will be adding an exciting new feature to the Attorney College, the Outstanding Attorney Award, which will recognize one LCSA attorney who has made a significant impact to the child support program in the areas of improving program performance, improving court processes, or improving customer service. Be a part of the inaugural event to present this first CSDA attorney award to the 2018 Outstanding LCSA attorney before their fellow LCSA attorneys. Come check out the CSDA 2018 Legal College. This year’s college promises to be fun, interactive and educational. You don’t want to miss it!

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