May 2019,  OneVoice CSDA Newsletter

Truly B. Knox Award

This year’s Truly B. Knox award recipient is David Kilgore, State Department of Child Support Services Director.

The Truly B. Knox Award is considered to be the highest award for service to the child support program. It is named for the first Director of California’s Parent Locator Service, who almost single-handedly, by the force of her personality and dedication to California’s children, kept California’s child support program alive and strong prior to implementation of Title IV-D of the Social Security Act in 1975.

David has worked diligently to further the child support program in ways that have positively impacted all members of the child support community. David Kilgore has demonstrated leadership not only in his own jurisdiction, but also statewide and at the national level. It is evident by the hard work, dedication, and commitment David has shown to improve the child support program that he has truly earned the highest recognition in Child Support, the Truly B. Knox Award.

The purpose of the Truly B. Knox award is to formally recognize exceptional achievements or accomplishments of a member of the child support program in advancement of the program through demonstrated leadership in the field, not only in their own jurisdiction, but also statewide or nationally.