The Child Support Directors Association of California (CSDA)
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CSDA publishes a variety of outreach and legal publications for the child support community and our external stakeholders. Please go to our online store to find out more information about our publications, print an order form, or to purchase copies directly online. You can also find out more about what training DVDs we provide.

Legal Publications

Child Support Attorney Sourcebook (2022)

This publication provides a comprehensive reference guide on issues faced by IV-D attorneys practicing law in California. Topics range from parentage, procedure, support, enforcement, to evidence, UIFSA, and analyzing tax returns. It includes current and relevant citations to statutory and case law – perfect for use in courtroom practice and as a desktop reference. Updated annually, this publication provides a current collection of case law and legislation affecting all aspects of child support litigation. Chapters include establishment of parentage and support, modification, enforcement, bankruptcy, interstate and civil procedure. It provides a brief summary of each case and the holding including practice points and editor’s notes – a great tool to learn child support case law in California. To purchase this publication, visit our online store.

Outreach Publications

Face of Child Support in California (2011)

This publication chronicles the activities of a day in the life of a child support professional. It shares the moving and inspirational stories of our customers and gives you a sense of the workload that we encounter everyday.