Press Release – January 10, 2022

Budget Proposal Misses Crucial Opportunity to Fight Child Poverty

Sacramento, CA – The Child Support Directors Association of California issued the following statement from Executive Director Greg Wilson on Governor Gavin Newsom’s 2022-23 state budget proposal:


“While state revenues have soared to unprecedented heights, California children and families face a relentless epidemic of child poverty.  In the coming budget year, California must not miss the opportunity to strengthen the local child support agencies providing critical support for our children’s well-being.

“One in eight children in California depend on a local child support agency to deliver the dollars that sustain their food, clothing, shelter and health care.  With additional investment, California can do more than implement new federal rules promoting equity in the child support system – our state can emerge as a leader in supporting parents in meeting their financial obligations and maintaining a presence in their children’s’ lives.  


“Stagnant or inconsistent state support over the last twenty years has cost local child support agencies critical staff positions, but the greatest cost has been borne by children who need our help.  CSDA looks forward to working with the Administration and the Legislature to help California step up our support for children and parents and make headway against family poverty, particularly for children of immigrants, non-English speakers and children of color.”

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