March 2019,  OneVoice CSDA Newsletter

People on the Move – March 2019

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions.

Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send an email to Danielle Wermund to share in our next issue of OneVoice.


Jackie Nelson Administrative Assistant Senior
Scott DeWitt Child Support Specialist III
Joann Mendoza   15 years Retired (CSS)
Michael Hawley-Jones Retired
Myra Mercer    23 years Retired (CSS)
Anabel Castellanos Child Support Officer II
Angela Yates Retired
Angelica Martinez Supervising Customer Service Representative
Anna Vasquez Senior Office Services Specialist
Antonio Vital Child Support Officer II
Ashley Jordan Child Support Customer Service Representative
Carmelina Ortega Child Support Customer Service Representative
Catherine Avalos Child Support Customer Service Representative
Christa McAuley Child Support Officer II
Christina Beath Child Support Officer II
Curtistine Hodges Retired
Floricel Mondragon Arzate Administrative Coordinator
Jennifer Romero Child Support Customer Service Representative
Jill Phillips Retired
Jocelyn Alvarez Office Services Assistant
Jordan Wells Child Support Customer Service Representative
Katherine Haas Child Support Customer Service Representative
Kristen Sakamoto Administrative Coordinator
Krystal Medina Office Services Assistant
Lydia Camacho Retired
Maria Cameron Child Support Customer Service Representative
Maria Casas Child Support Officer II
Maria Martinez Office Services Technician
Pamela Sherman Child Support Customer Service Representative
Prisma Blanco Child Support Officer II
RaShonda Abbott Child Support Officer II
Rosalinda Garcia Child Support Customer Service Representative
Sandra Douglas Retired
Sarah Ayala Office Services Technician
Sonia Bell Retired
Suzanne Rainbolt Child Support Officer II
Tania Salinas Child Support Officer II
Wanda James Retired
William Shackleford Systems Analyst I
Zaena Adams Child Support Customer Service Representative
Alexandro Becerra Warehouse Worker II
Cynthia Conedy Payroll Clerk I
Elizabeth Tyler Retired
Jennifer Ng Administrative Assistant III
Lazaro Reyes Child Support Officer III
Nancy Estrada Retired
Violeta Martinez Administrative Services Manager I
Yvonne Ochoa Supervising Child Support Officer
Kristen Koury Office Assistant I (new hire)
Diane Darrah Staff Services Analyst (Promotion)
Amber Davis Child Support Specialist – Mod Team
Amita Naganand Research Analyst – Business Intelligence
Brian Hocking Deputy Director – Administration
Dania Lozano Child Support Specialist – Indio
Erin Cole OA-II Scan Team Riverside Office
Lakin Polk OA-II – Scan Team Riverside Office
Maria Sanchez Child Support Specialist – Indio
Megan Kirker Child Support Specialist – Indio
Muhammad Syed OA – II Judicial Support – Establishment Team
Ariana Ponce Child Support Specialist I
Danaya Thomas Child Support Officer I
Deidra Gager Child Support Officer I (Retired)
Heidy Toledo-Perez Child Support Officer Trainee
Melanie Moon Child Support Officer Trainee
Robert McCullah Child Support Officer I (Retired)
Rudy Gasca Child Support Officer I
Sarafina Chimienti Child Support Attorney I
Alexis Sosa Lead Child Support Analyst
Alina Amezcua Child Support Analyst
Enrique Lopez Jr. Child Support Customer Service Specialist
Haley Biesemeier Child Support Analyst
Janelle Arde Child Support Analyst
Jessica Carlos Child Support Analyst
John Cowart Child Support Investigator
Jose Escalon Child Support Analyst
Patricia Vega Child Support Analyst
Victoria Zertuche Child Support Analyst
Mette Richardson Assistant Director
Anna Rizzo Staff Development Trainer
Sunday Russell Supervising Child Support Specialist (Promotion)
Jennifer Carrow Child Support Specialist
Sonny Garcia Child Support Specialist
Jessica Estrada Admin Clerk II
JoAnn Sarhad HR Manager III (Retired)
Lorenzo Sanchez CSO II
Michelle Orozco CSO I
Nicholas Thomasson CSO I
Rebecca Schafer Account Clerk III
Veronica Hernandez HR Manager III
Colleen Gladden Customer Service Rep I/II