The Child Support Directors Association of California (CSDA)
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OneVoice CSDA Newsletter,  September 2018

People on the Move – September 2018

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions.

Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send an email to Stacy Gray to share in our next issue of OneVoice.

Central Sierra
Liane Platt Deputy Director (New Hire)
Contra Costa
Heidi Carter Child Support Superviser (Promotion)
Jessica Shepard Administrative Services Assistant II (New Hire)
John-David Villagrana Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
Juliana Collaco Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
Matt Brega Chief Assistant Director (New Hire)
Roxanna Hernandez Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
Sarah Bunnell Administrative Services Officer (Promotion)
Saundra McPherson Child Support Supervisor (Promotion)
Janette Govea Child Support Specialist (Promotion)
Jewelissa Calderon Child Support Specialist (Promotion)
Cindy Howard Fiscal Support Specialist (New Hire)
Rosa Bautista Retired (Child Support Officer 4)
Toni Kendrick Administrative Services Officer (New Hire)
Los Angeles
Araceli Mendoza CSO III (Promotion)
Armineh Gharapetian Superivising Child Support Officer (Promotion)
Charita Crawford Administrative Assistant II (Promotion)
Consuelo Medina Retired (CSO II)
Cynthia Hernandez Administrative Services Manager I (Promotion)
Cynthia Werner Attorney III (Promotion)
Donna Ware Retired (Senior Typist Clerk)
Jillian Samayoa Management Analyst (Promotion)
Joel Lozada Staff Assistant II (Promotion)
Jovita Silvera CSO III (Promotion)
June Bragg Accountant II (Promotion)
Kathy Ip CSO III (Promotion)
Kelly Saldivar Administrative Services Manager II (Promotion)
Ling-Chia (Jenny) Wu Management Analyst (Promotion)
Maria Castaneda Adminstrative Assistant III (Promotion)
Melinda West Management Analyst (Promotion)
Najla Oliva CSO III (Promotion)
Olga Quintero Retired (Supervising Child Support Officer)
Ramoncito Umali Retired (CSO II)
Rosa Mandel Retired (Supervising Child Support Officer)
Sue Kim Attorney IV (Promotion)
Letty Saldivar Account Clerk 1 (Promotion)
San Benito
Erika Suarez Child Support Specialist I (New HIre)
India Moreno Child Support Specialist I (New HIre)
Patricia Ugarte Clark County Support Attorney (New Hire)
San Francisco
Annie Perkins-Jeffries Retired (Child Support Officer II)
Ann-Marie Funderburgh Child Support Officer II
Santa Clara
Alejandra Rodriguez CSO I/II (New Hire)
Alejandro Heredia CSO I/II (New Hire)
Alisa Bustamante Child Support Officer I/II (Promotion)
Anna Torres Supervising Child Support Officer (Promotion)
Celenia Velez Legal Clerk Trainee (New Hire)
Cristina Delgado CSO I/II (New Hire)
Elvia Valdivia Legal Secretary I (Promotion)
Gabriel Olguin CSO I/II (New Hire)
Gracie Flores CSO I/II (New Hire)
Guadalupe Morales Child Support Officer I/II
Hazel Velasco Senior Child Support Officer (Promotion)
Jessica Bailey Murray CSO I/II (New Hire)
Jessica Tenorio Legal Clerk Trainee (New Hire)
Karen Vergara-Ruiz Superivsing Child Support Officer (Promotion)
Leila Ochoa Child Support Officer I/II (Promotion)
Lisa Bocanegra CSO I/II (New Hire)
Magally Quezadas Legal Clerk Trainee (New Hire)
Melvin Osby CSO I/II (New Hire)
Michelle Capangpangan Child Support Officer I/II (Promotion)
Michelle Gonzales Legal Clerk (Promotion)
Mitchell Cheatham Administrative Support Officer (Promotion)
Monica Mendez CSO I/II (New Hire)
Patricia Mondragon Lugo Legal Clerk Trainee (New Hire)
Perla Buendia CSO I/II (New Hire)
Shelia Sapp Legal Clerk Trainee (New Hire)
Silvia Garcia CSO I/II (New Hire)
Sonia Alcazar Luna CSO I/II (New Hire)
Tanya Sunseri Legal Clerk Trainee (New Hire)
Victoria Meline CSO I/II (New Hire)
Lorenzo Sanchez CSO I/II (New Hire)
Santa Cruz
Annette Hernandez Child Support Specialist I (New Hire)
Arturo Barron Child Support Attorney (New Hire)
Jeanette Garcia Administrative Services Manager (New Hire)
Jeanette Hilton Child Support Specialist I (New Hire)
Ashley Saelee Child Support Specialist III(Promotion)
Erinn Watts Child Support Program Manager (Promotion)
Evelyn McCurdy Supervising Child Support Specialist (Promotion)
Grace Foley Legal Secretary (New Hire)
Hector Velasquez Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Kathy Gooden Retired (Child Support Program Manager)
Khampasong Phrommavongxay-Hoxie Child Support Specialist III (Promotion)
Loren Bebensee Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Shirley Bruce Retired (Child Support Assistant III)
Tiina Merrill Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Courtney Perry Child Support Specialist – Journey Level (Promotion)
Patsy Honeycutt Retired (Legal Secretary)
Belin Ortiz Child Support Services Specialist III (Promotion)
Roxana Hester Customer Service Rep 1 (New Hire)
Roxana Rosales Customer Service Rep 1 (New Hire)
Yvonne Sassen Retired (Child Support Services Specialist III)