May 2018,  OneVoice CSDA Newsletter

People on the Move – May 2018

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions.

Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send an email to Stacy Gray to share in our next issue of OneVoice.

Butte County
Audra Howard Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
Danielle Torres Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
Heather Alexander Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
Heather Moldenhauer Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
Linda Valdez Retired (Child Support Specialist I)
Roger Ibarra Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
She Thao Child Support Specialist III (Promotion)
Tamara Ronnebeck Office Specialist, Senior (Promotion)
Tiffany Runyan Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
Vanessa Garcia Child Support Specialist II (Promotion)
Contra Costa
Christina Melendez Child Support Assistant (New HIre)
Debra Nelson-Moore Retired (Child Support Assistant Supervisor)
Heidi Martin Child Support Assistant (New Hire)
Irene Velazqez Child Support Assistant (New Hire)
Kelli Anderson Child Support Specialist I (New Hire)
Kim Yuers Child Support Specialist I (New Hire)
Kristi Sander Child Support Assistant (New Hire)
Monica Perkins Child Support Services Manager (Promotion)
Peggy Hawkins Retired (Chief Assistant Director)
Racquel Nunez Child Support Assistant (New HIre)
Rosalinda Silva Child Support Specialist I (New Hire)
Roxanna Hernandez Child Support Specialist I (New HIre)
Sherry Williams Child Support Assistant (New Hire)
El Dorado
Carrie Ehlers Retired (Child Support Attorney IV)
Ronald Ladage Assistant Director/Chief Attorney
North Coast Region
Debbie Ludtke Retired (Office Services Supervisor)
Dolly Cluver Retired (Executive Secretary)
Lucy Holman Retired (Senior Child Support Specialist)
Patricia Contreras Retired (Law Office Supervisor I)
Ronald Ladage Retired (Lead Attorney) – now in El Dorado County DCSS
San Benito
Maria Arellano Resigned (CSS II)
Roxanna Hernandez Resigned (CSS I)
San Bernardino
Jesse Reyes Retired (Supervising Child Support Officer)
Leah Torres Child Support Operations Manager (Promotion)
Lynne Healy Retired (Supervising Child Support Officer)
Mona Harnish Retired (Supervising Child Support Officer)
Monique Herrera Supervising Child Support Officer (Promotion)
Ricky Barajas Supervising Child Support Officer (Promotion)
Shannon Fowler Supervising Child Support Officer (Promotion)
San Francisco
Ana Tejada Castillo Child Support Officer II (New Hire)
Angie Kuo Chuan Cheung Retired (Child Support Officer II)
Bianca Nelson Sr. Payroll/Personnel Clerk (New Hire)
Joyce Cosse Child Support Officer II (New Hire)
Kimberly Gibney Sr. Personnel Clerk (New Hire)
San Joaquin
Ari Mendoza Child Support Officer I (Promotion)
Christopher Rivera Child Support Officer I (Promotion)
Horacio Vargas Child Support Officer I (New Hire)
Lisa Hunter Retired (CSO II)
Maya Lo Child Support Officer 1 (New Hire)
Yolanda Gombert Retired (Compliance Analyst)
San Mateo
Vicki Rupe Retired (Child Support Analyst)
Santa Clara
Carly Winship Child Support Officer II (New Hire)
Linda Brown Child Support Officer II
Maria Arellano Child Support Officer II (New Hire)
Meredith Smith Child Support Officer II (New Hire)
Norma Murillo Child Support Officer II (New Hire)
Rocio Fuerte Child Support Officer II (New HIre)
Sandy Velasco Retired
Stacy Thurber Division Manager (New HIre)
Tina Taylor Program Manager I (New Hire)
Santa Cruz/San Benito Region
Diane Gullings Retired (Admin Services Officer)
Dora Valenzuela Retired (CSS I)
Keith Johnson Retired (Administrative Services Manager)
Meredith Smith Resigned (CSS II)
Jacqulyn Shirley Retired (Child Support Specialist II)
Lana Sweetwood Child Support Specialist III (Promotion)
Maureen Hocking Retired (Child Support Specialist II)
Nancy Lara Retired (Office Assistant Supervisor)
Carolyn Ochoa Retired (Supervisor Legal Clerk)
Deborah Shindler Retired (Child Support Officer)
Karen Lumpkin Program Manager (Promotion)
Kimberly Britt Manager III (Promotion)