July 2018,  OneVoice CSDA Newsletter

People on the Move – July 2018

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions.

Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send an email to Stacy Gray to share in our next issue of OneVoice.

Central Sierra

Adele Hendrickson Retired (Executive Director)
Julie Prado Executive Director
Mary Gray Retired (Child Support Supervisor)


Alexandra Villalobos Child Support Officer II
Amanda Holden-Rafferty Child Support Officer II
Brittnie Belansky Paralegal
Carissa Guerra Child Support Officer II
Janeen Rodriguez Senior Office Services Specialist
Jesse Gutierrez Child Suppot Officer II
Jordan Moser Child Support Officer II
Jordan Wells Office Services Assistant
Joslyn Zepeda Child Support Officer II
Kantashia Thompson Child Support Officer II
Karen Padilla Child Support Officer II
Kiley Jackson Customer Service Representative
Maria Pantoja Mendez Child Support Officer II
Mireya Martinez Child Support Officer II
Nancy Garcia Child Support Officer II
Noel Lopez Customer Service Representative
Silvia Vasquez Customer Service Representative
Tania Salinas Customer Service Representative
Tracy Palacios Customer Service Representative
Vijay Siddiah Paralegal

Los Angeles

Brian Lozada Child Support Officer III
Harold Diaz Attorney IV
Joel Santoyo Senior Network Systems Administrator
Laura Belis Retired (Head Child Support Officer)
Laurie Groina Attorney IV
Martiros Sahakian Head Child Support Officer
Melissa Fox Attorney III
Phillip Carnahan Departmental Information Security Officer
R. Monique Saisho Head Child Support Officer
Sheila Lebowitz Retired (Attorney III)
Spencer Yu Accounting Technician II
Steven Schnoebelen Retired (Head Child Support Officer)


Randy Johnson Interim Director


Diana MacGregor Retired (CSS III)

San Bernardino

Diana Flores Child Support Operations Manager
Jackie Laws Retired (Executive Secretary)
James Hartel Child Support Operations Manager
Jennifer Shoemaker Supervising Child Support Officer
Jesse Reyes Retired (Supervising Child Support Officer)
Jo Cruz Child Support Operations Manager
Leah Bulf Retired (Deputy Director)
Leah Torres Child Support Operations Manager
Lynne Healy Retired (Supervising Child Support Officer)
Mona Harnish Retired (Supervising Child Support Officer)
Monique Herrera Supervising Child Support Officer
Regina Cruise Supervising Child Support Officer
Ricky Barajas Supervising Child Support Officer
Rochelle Savage Executive Secretary
Shannon Fowler Supervising Child Support Officer
Stacy Collins Deputy Director
Stephen Wallace Retired (Program Specialist 1)

San Francisco

Anh Tran Executive Secretary I
Freda Chen Retired (Child Support Officer II)
Peter Cheng Accountant III
Zhicong “Robert” Liao Senior Account Clerk
Philip Singh Public Relations Assistant

San Luis Obispo

Christine Rice Retired (Supervising Legal Clerk II)
David Beaudin Administrative Services Manager II

San Mateo

Jocelyn Arroliga-Miranda Child Support Analyst
Maria Castro Child Support Analyst
Sandra Andrade Child Support Analyst
Timothy Crockett Customer Care Coordinator


Dennis Williams Child Support Specialist – Supervisor
Elizar Morla Child Support Specialist – Journey Level
Kimberly Dunworth Child Support Attorney – Supervisor


Angela Shelton Manager
Carol Ochoa Retired (Supervising Legal Clerk)
Deborah Shindler Retired (Child Support Officer)
Karen Lumpkin Manager
Kim Britt Manager III
Michael Olesen Account Clerk


Elina Avagimova Attorney
Michael OCAMPO Attorney
William (Pat) Solomon Child Support Distribution Specialist Supervisor