OneVoice CSDA Newsletter,  September 2017

People on the Move – September 2017

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions.

Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send email to Stacy Gray to share in our next issue of OneVoice.

Cari Erwin  – Child Support Specialist III
Charlene Vargas  – Supervisor, CS Specialist
Holliday Davis  – Child Support Specialist III
Linda Thao  – Child Support Specialist II
Natiely Lopez Saligan  – Child Support Specialist II
Nina Gott  – Child Support Specialist III
Rosa Orozco  – Child Support Specialist II
Tammy DeFord  – Supervisor, Child Support Specialist
Teresa Brockman  – Supervisor, Child Support Specialist
Wendie Dennisson  – Supervisor, Child Support Specialist
Contra Costa
Lori Moore  – Retired (CS Information Systems Analyst)
Del Norte
Aaron D. Goodwin  – Director
Mary McQuillen  – Legal Clerk
Treasure Cox  – Child Support Specialist
Matthew Hurley  – Office Assistant
Debbie Mayhue  – Retired (Director)
El Dorado
Nancy Gruebele  – Retired (CSS II) 18 years in Department
Shana Katz  – Child Support Specialist
Bianca Padilla  – Supervising Child Support Attorney
Erica Lostaunau  – Fiscal Support Specialist
Michele Tavis  – Office Services Assistant
Azusena Rojas  – Departmental Analyst I
Tracy Scholz  – Supervising Child Support Officer
Los Angeles
Shonna Jeffries  – Management Analyst
Sarah Alvarado  – Child Support Officer III
John Blackmon  – Retired (Staff Attorney)
Diana Mendoza  – Supervising Child Support Specialist
Colleen Vieyra  – Retired (Child Support Assistant)
Susan Jacklitsch  – Retired (Child Support Legal Assistant)
Kimberly Lee  – Retired (Child Support Specialist)
Patty Nunez  – CSS I
Angelyn Ward-Grady  – Retired (CS Services Regional Manager)
Irma Hulsey  – Child Support Specialist
Kellie Richardson  – Child Support Specialist
Waldir Guerrero  – Child Support Specialist
John Downs  – Child Support Specialist
Laticha Perry  – Child Support Specialist
Misty Miley  – Child Support Specialist
Yolanda Land  – Retired (Legal Support Assistant II)
Marti Rojas  – Retired (Child Support Specialist)
Jaime Hargis  – Supervising Program Specialist
Haislip Hayes  – Deputy Child Support Attorney III
Masuda Ghazanfar  – Supervising Office Assistant
Joel Ruvalcaba  – Child Support Specialist
LaTonya Sander  – Child Support Specialist
Melissa Salazar  – Child Support Specialist
Tiffany Loza  – Child Support Interviewer
San Bernardino
Stacy Collins  – Deputy Director, Operations
Ricardo Haro  – Retired (Deputy Director, Operations)
Leah Bulf  – Retired (Deputy Director, Operations)
San Francisco
Mary Mora  – Retired
Vanetta Dunlap  – Retired
Donna Merrida  – Retired
San Joaquin
Mayra Canela  – Supervising Child Support Officer
Monica Gomez  – Supervising Child Support Officer
Anita Diaz  – Child Support Officer
Jimmie Speers  – Child Support Officer
Shanice James  – Child Support Officer
Angela Bailey  – Child Support Officer
Kim Tran  – Office Assistant
Santa Cruz
Darren Benson  – Clerical Supervisor
Vicki Brown  – Retired
Courtney Perry  – CSS Entry
Jan Marie Vista  – CSS Entry
Elizabeth Stephenson  – Accounting Clerk II
Rochelle Wroten-Taggart  – Retired
Baljit Atwal  – Director
Rhonda Mason  – Assistant Director
Sara Fearon  – Manager III
Tammy Nunes  – Manager I
Michelle Dunn  – Manager I
Joe Silva  – Child Support Supervisor
Michelle Lopes  – Child Support Supervisor
Eloise Willform  – Child Support Supervisor
Beatrice Bradley  – Supervisor to Staff Services Analyst II
Cassandra Dainaukus  – Retired
Jessica Van Allen  – Child Support Officer
Chelsea Abila  – Child Support Officer
Hannah Leoni  – Child Support Officer
Abriana Rodriguez  – Child Support Officer
Jessica Padilla  – Child Support Officer (Promotion)
Debbie Gick  – Retired (Legal Office Assistant)
Emily Haston  – Retired (Legal Office Assistant)
Leigh Elliott  – Retired (Department Secretary)
Eddie Hernandez  – Child Support Specialist II
Jennifer Ventura-Ramirez  – Customer Service Representative I
Lupe Vasquez  – Customer Service Representative I
Pamela Arriaga  – Customer Service Representative I
Claudya Zuniga  – Customer Service Representative II
Stephanie Zuniga  – Senior Customer Service Representative
Veronica Franco  – Senior Customer Service Representative
Dulce Best  – Retired (Clerical Supervisor III)