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People on the Move – November 2017

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions.

Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send email to Stacy Gray to share in our next issue of OneVoice.

Athena DeWalt  – Child Support Specialist II (Promotion, 9-23-17)
Bao Thao  – Child Support Specialist II (Promotion, 9-23-17)
Darla Knudsen  – Retired, 8-5-17 (Supervisor, Child Support Specialist)
Darrell Morgan  – Retired, 8-11-17 (Supervisor, Support Services)
Faviana Avila  – Child Support Specialist II (Promotion, 9-23-17)
Lois DeAlba  – Child Support Specialist II (Promotion, 9-23-17)
Mica Ross  – Child Support Specialist III (Promotion, 9-23-17)
Sumar Cornwell  – Child Support Specialist II (Promotion, 9-9-17)
Martha Rolon  – Child Support Assistant (New Hire)
Kellie Sweeney  – Retired (Child Support Services Manager)
Sherry Hough  – Retired (Child Support Assistant)
Anna Babakhani  – Senior Paralegal
Brian Tabatabaie  – Attorney II
Cardelia West  – Retired (Head Child Support Officer)
Danit Ferd  – Attorney III
Dennis Coe  – Attorney III
Donald Kemp  – Attorney III
Edwin Lee  – Attorney III
Erica Gallego  – Administrative Assistant II
Jackie Eng  – IT Technical Support Analyst II
Jesus Galindo  – Attorney III
Kitamu Hardy  – Attorney III
Monica Valle  – Attorney III
Poleta Minasian  – Attorney II
Roubina Aboolian  – Supervising Clerk
Sarah Honeycutt  – Director
Vicki West  – Retired (Director)
Alejandro Ramos  – Child Support Interviewer (New Hire)
Andrey Howse  – Storekeeper (Promotion)
Blanca Sifuentes  – Child Support Specialist (Promotion)
Brian Hocking  – Child Support Services Regional Manager (New Hire)
Catherine Garcia  – Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Debra Potts  – Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Irma Grimes  – Child Support Services Supervisor (Promotion)
Ivette Minas  – Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Jennifer Clark  – Deputy Child Support Attorney IV (Promotion)
Jennifer Flores  – Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Johnnie Phillips  – Retired (Child Support Specialist)
Lauren Hampton  – Administrative Services Officer (Promotion)
Lisa Shryock  – Senior Child Support Specialist (Promotion)
Melissa Cordero  – Child Support Services Supervisor (Promotion)
Monica Chacon  – Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Noelia Maldonado Franco  – Senior Child Support Specialist (Promotion)
Ransom DeCastro  – Child Support Interviewer (New Hire)
Sherrice Flannigan  – Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Tracy Desoto  – Child Support Specialist (New Hire)
Amanda Ayers  – Child Support Officer 1
Annlouise Mena  – Office Assistant
Ashley Hullen  – Child Support Officer 1
Brian Strong  – Child Support Officer 1 (Promotion)
Felicia Guillory  – Office Assistant
Joseph Mensah  – Child Support Officer 1
Mary Cooper  – Office Assistant
My Neal  – Child Support Officer 1
Stephanie Anguiano  – Child Support Officer 1
Angela Daniels  – Child Support Analyst (New Hire)
Daisy Valencia  – Child Support Analyst (New Hire)
Gabriela Gutierrez  – Public Service Specialist (New Hire)
Maria Mejia-Sauceda  – Child Support Analyst (New Hire)
Cheryl Tablit  – Office Assistant II (New Hire)
Jessica Allen  – Office Assistant II (New Hire)
Kellie Sweeney  – Child Support Program Manager, eff 11/2/17
Tyria Valledor  – Supervising Child Support Specialist (Promotion)
Marcus Mitchell  – Director
Sarah Petway  – Office Assistant II (Promotion)

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