March 2018,  OneVoice CSDA Newsletter

People on the Move – March 2018

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions.

Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send an email to Stacy Gray to share in our next issue of OneVoice.

Central Sierra Child Support Agency 
Becky Schock Retired (Executive Assistant/HR Manager)
Leslie Homuth Executive Assistant/HR Manager
Kern County DCSS 
Adriana Rubio Customer Service Representative
Alexandra Villalobos Customer Service Representative
Brett Sakamoto Assistant Director
Domenica Trinidad Departmental Analyst
Dorianna Gutierrez Customer Service Representative
Jacqueline Saldivar Customer Service Representative
Kellie Martin Customer Service Representative
Laura Gage Customer Service Representative
Le Mayo Jones Supervising Child Support Officer
Leticia Gonzalez Customer Service Representative
Maria Perez Office Services Specialist
Megan Matthews Child Support Officer III
Renee Taylor Departmental Analyst
Robert Cervantes Office Services Assistant
LA County CSSD 
Geraldine Bell Retired (Management Analyst)
Joyell Siner Child Support Officer III
Magdalena Aguilar Retired (Child Support Officer II)
Mendocino County DCSS 
Bruce Mordhorst Retired
Merced County DCSS 
Lina Orozc-Mendez Child Support Specialist I
Mayra Torres Child Support Specialist I
Nicole L. Cortez Program Manager
Rubi Delgado Alvarado Child Support Specialist I
Riverside County DCSS 
Alejandro Ramos Child Support Specialist
Barbara Grannis Retired (Office Assistant II)
Belia Gonzalez Child Support Specialist
Cynthia Olvera Child Support Specialist
Denise Huggins Senior Child Support Specialist
Edwina Miranda Retired (Office Assistant III)
Elizabeth Moreno Office Assistant II
Erika Esquivel Senior Child Support Specialist
Gary Nickels Child Support Specialist
Glen Brandel Retired (Deputy Child Support Attorney IV – Supervisor)
Jessica Morrison Office Assistant III
Joseph Torri Deputy Child Support Attorney III
Kellyann Chagolla Child Support Specialist (Promotion)
Leticia Diaz Retired (Child Support Specialist)
Lisa Tortomasi Child Support Specialist Regional Manager (Promotion)
Mary Ann Cross Retired (Child Support Specialist)
Mary Troy Retired (Investigative Tech II)
Nathan Hartel Deputy Director – Programs & Operations
Paola Castro Deputy Child Support Attorney III
Phalani Naroeun Child Support Specialist Supervisor
Ransom DeCastro Child Support Specialist
Ryan Jackson Child Support Specialist
Ryan Jackson Office Assistant II
Shineik Turner Child Support Specialist
Stacy Barfoot-Axtell Senior Child Support Specialist
Stephanie Browning Retired (Child Support Specialist)
Tiki Copeland Administrative Services Analyst II
Veronica Fabela Child Support Specialist Supervisor
Veronica Martinez Child Support Specialist
San Benito County DCSS 
Karen Valle Accountant Technician
San Bernardino County DCSS 
Diana Flores Child Support Operations Manager
Jennifer Shoemaker Supervising Child Support Officer
Jim Hartel Child Support Operations Manager
Jo Cruz Child Support Operations Manager
Regina Cruise Supervising Child Support Officer
San Francisco County DCSS  
Johnny J Louie Child Support Officer III
Santa Clara County DCSS 
Carol A Huttlinger Office Specialist III
Diane Foreman Retired (Child Support Officer II)
Hazel Velasco Child Support Officer II
Huynh Thuy Office Specialist III
Karen Perry Retired (Senior Child Support Officer)
Leslie Leung Retired (Child Support Officer II)
Lori McKeown Division Manager (New Hire)
Maria Villanueva Office Specialist III
Roberto Tercero Senior Business Info Tech Consultant
Santa Cruz County DCSS
Maryanne Jones Retired (Child Support Specialist)
Shasta County DCSS 
Manya Brookins Child Support Specialist II
Cela Chao Child Support Specialist II
Diana Boek Supervising Child Support Specialist
Heather Wilson Child Support Specialist I
Karissa Knurowski Child Support Specialist I
Khampasong Phrommavongxay-Hoxie Child Support Specialist II
Maria Diaz Child Support Specialist 1
Michelle Bible Child Support Specialist 1
Veronica Ramos Madrigal Child Support Assistant
Victoria O’Callaghan Child Support Specialist II
Solano County DCSS 
Karen Jocelyn Retired (Child Support Specialist)
Stacey Ferrell Retired (Child Support Training Specialist)
Steven Ferrell Retired (Child Support Specialist – Senior)
Tara Knobbe Child Support Specialist – Senior
Tulare County DCSS 
Denise Cardoza Retired (Assistant Director)