January 2018,  OneVoice CSDA Newsletter

People on the Move – January 2018

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions.

Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send an email to Stacy Gray to share in our next issue of OneVoice.

Butte County DCSS
 Jimmy Hays  – Department Maintenance Coordinator
 Sylvia Bisignani  – Retired (Child Support Specialist II)
Contra Costa County DCSS
 Kellie Sweeney  – Retired (Child Support Services Manager)
Del Norte County DCSS
 Christina Smith  – Transferred to HHS
El Dorado County DCSS
 Cathy Tabler  – Retired (Child Support Supervisor)
 David “Jake” Burns  – Retired (Child Support Attorney IV)
Humboldt County DCSS
 Emily Karanopolous  – Child Support Assistant 1
 Monique Hernandez  – Child Support Assistant 1
 Stacey Costa  – Legal Office Business Manager
Imperial County DCSS
 Guillermo Fernandez  – Administrative Services Manager
Kern County DCSS
 Angelica Martinez  – Senior Customer Service Representative
 Ashley Hamm  – Fiscal Support Specialist
 Carla Metcalf  – Child Support Officer II/III
 Cynthia Barron  – Child Support Officer II/III
 Dawn Pruitt  – Child Support Officer II/III
 Elizabeth Chavez  – Director
 Jeannine Perry  – Child Support Officer II/III
 Jessica Leonard  – Child Support Officer II/III
 Kristina Mayall  – Fiscal Support Specialist
 LaRaye Davis  – Child Support Officer IV
 Leticia Hernandez  – Child Support Officer IV
 Lydia Morrell  – Child Support Officer IV
 Mellissa Sanders  – Retired (Child Support Officer III)
 Melody Morgan  – Retired (Office Services Specialist)
 Michael Riley  – Child Support Attorney
 Pam Smith  – Retired (Child Support Officer III)
 Prisca Torres  – Child Support Officer II/III
 Shanell Shipman Gridiron  – Child Support Officer II/III
 Shannon Poe  – Retired (Child Support Officer III)
LA County CSSD
 Bertha Young  – Retired (Child Support Officer II)
 Ericka Mirano  – Child Support Officer III
 Jovette Curtindoph  – Child Support Officer III
 Sandra Garcia  – Child Support Officer III
Mariposa County DCSS
 Tonya Harmon-Knox  – Retired (Child Support Accounting Specialist)
Merced County DCSS
 Anna Cruz-Mendoza  – Child Support Legal Assistant
 Billy Gatlin  – Child Support Specialist III
 Cynthia Shoaf  – Retired (Child Support Program Manager)
 Diana Mendoza  – Superivising Child Support Specialist
 Ernesto Beltran  – Child Support Specialist I
 Maribel Mendoza  – Child Support Specialist I
 Patrick Mudget  – Child Support Specialist I
Napa County DCSS
 Letty Van der Vegt  – Retired (Chief Attorney)
Riverside County DCSS
 Elvira Hibbard  – Retired (Executive Assistant II)
San Francisco County DCSS
 Catherine Sachs  – Child Support Officer III
 Donna McMillan Merida  – Retired
 Masako Oishi  – Child Support Officer II
 Sean Napier  – Child Support Officer II
 Sui Sum S Kwong-Lam  – Cashier I
 Tafadzwa Chimonyo  – Child Support Officer II
 Teri Huang  – Payroll Clerk
 Valerie Riley  – Child Support Officer II
Santa Cruz County DCSS
 Aileen Madera-Correa  – Retired (Child Support Attorney)
 Julie Hart  – Legal Process Clerk
Shasta County DCSS
 Amber Moron  – Child Support Specialist II
 Ashley Saelee  – Child Support Specialist II
 Jessica Riley  – Child Support Specialist 1
 Joanna Chorpenning  – Child Support Specialist 1
 Justine McNary  – Child Support Specialist II
 Kimberly Jeffrey  – Staff Services Analyst 1
 Lizette Ramos  – Child Support Specialist II
Sierra Nevada Regional DCSS
 Geno Drake  – Staff Services Analyst
Solano County DCSS
 Alyssa Aquino  – Child Support Specialist – Journey Level
 Barbara Richards  – Retired (Child Support Attorney – Supervisor)
 Basia Jones  – Child Support Specialist – Journey Level
 Dennis Williams  – Child Support Specialist – Senior
 Dominique Alexander  – Child Support Specialist – Journey Level
 Jennifer Garcia  – Child Support Specialist – Journey Level
 Kellie Sweeney  – Child Support Program Manager
 Patricia Becerril  – Child Support Specialist – Journey Level
 Sasha Kelly  – Child Support Specialist – Journey Level
Stanislaus County DCSS
 Cristina Chavez  – Confidential Assistant III
 Fallon Freitas  – Confidential Assistant IV
 Mary Jane Merrell  – Retired (Confidential Assistant IV – Executive Assistant to the Director)
Trinity County DCSS
 Tina Duong  – Moved to Trinity County Administrator’s Office
Ventura County DCSS
Fong White  – Retired (Office Assistant III)
Marcia Bowman  – Retired (Child Support Distribution Specialist Supervisor)
Yolo County DCSS
 Jane Martin  – Retired (Supervising Child Support Officer)