OneVoice CSDA Newsletter,  September 2017

LPC CORNER – September 2017

By: Colin Anderson, Lead Attorney, Yolo County DCSS

Honoring Chief Counsel Kathy Hrepich

On August 3 and 4, the Legal Practices Committee met at the offices of the Judicial Council in Sacramento.  Previously we had been informed that DCSS Chief Counsel Kathy Hrepich was retiring.  Kathy began a distinguished career in 1981, which saw her serve as a Deputy District Attorney in three different counties.  Kathy served as the Chief Deputy DA for Nevada County and then transitioned to the Director of Nevada County Child Support Office to eventually being appointed Chief Counsel for State DCSS.  This lead to being named Interim Director of DCSS.  She retires as Chief Counsel for DCSS in October and is the longest serving Chief Counsel in the history of the department.

Kathy has been an integral part of LPC over the years providing a crucial link between State DCSS Legal and the diverse legal operations throughout LCSAs in the state.  LPC took a break during the meeting on Friday to recognize her with a certificate signed by all LPC members and coffee and cake.  A picture of the LPC crew, including our state and judicial partners and Kathy, was taken to memorialize the event (see below).  Thanks to Lisa Bispham and Melinda Self for the cake!  It was a great send-off with all of LPC wishing Kathy well in retirement.

Protocol for Court Appearance by non-CMR LCSA

One of the items on the agenda for the meeting was a review of the existing Protocol for Court Appearance by non-CMR LCSA, which was developed by LPC and the LCSA Managing Attorneys in 2009 and has been in use since that time.  In discussing its use and possible revision, the committee determined that not only should the protocol be updated, but that it was time to redistribute it and educate/re-educate LCSAs about the protocol. This protocol is used for court appearances by LCSAs that do not have case management responsibility (CMR) in CSE.  In other words, in situations where your county has CMR, but the court case itself remains in another county, this protocol will be used to handle court appearances, from receipt of legal documents to completion of the court order.  The protocol can be found on the LPC page on the CSDA website ( and on CA Central., The LCSA contact list which is referenced in the protocol is maintained in CA Central ( and is titled Non-CMR Court Appearance Contact List. Please review the protocol to ensure your contact listed is still current. More information about the revision and its use will also be provided to LCSA Directors and Managing Attorneys.