May 2019,  OneVoice CSDA Newsletter

Local Child Support Cost Efficiency Report

By Baljit Atwal, Director, Stanislaus County DCSS & CSDA Vice President of Board of Directors

It has been an amazing opportunity to work together on this document.   I would like to add a huge thank you to the workgroups who made the report possible.  Within a few short weeks (about 5 weeks total), the members of Phase 2/Operational Efficiencies workgroup came together, brainstormed on ideas and developed those ideas into detailed narrative. The narrative was then analyzed, with additional information collected where needed, and then further edited by our editor-in-chief Vic Rea.  All this was being done on a flow basis and being shared with Irene and Nan at DCSS frequently while they worked on their narratives too.  So, my heartfelt appreciation to:

  • Adam Perry, El Dorado
  • Amanda Battles, Sutter
  • Jamie Murray, Santa Cruz/San Benito
  • Kim Cagno, San Mateo
  • Kimberly Britt, Stanislaus
  • Dawn Mayer, Glenn
  • Melinda Self, Contra Costa
  • Mike Dent, Sierra Nevada
  • Anne Molgaard, Mendocino
  • Terrie Hardy-Porter, Sacramento
  • Julie Prado, Central Sierra
  • Roger Dixon, Tulare
  • Susanne Rizo, Eastern Sierra
  • Steven Eldred, Orange
  • Terri Morelock, Shasta
  • Amy Weurdig, Inyo
  • Vic Rea, CSDA
  • Greg Wilson, CSDA

As you will see, your contributions make up the majority of the report (pages 9 through 23), so thank you for the your full engagement and support. And thank you, Directors, for being responsive and supportive when the workgroup reached out to you for information.

Additionally, I thank the New Funding Workgroup and those members who assisted the Level of Effort study which is outlined in the methodology section of the report.  The LOE group’s work was equally intense and time-compressed.

I wish DCSS all the best as the report is reviewed by the legislature.  David, Irene, Nan, let us know if we can further assist.

Thank you all!

Click here to view the 2019 Local Child Support Cost Efficiency Report