Federal Payments

Payments Made By The Federal Government For The Support Of A Child

This training is an article and self-assessment test on the subject of federal benefits that are paid for the support of a child. This article discusses:
  • Federal authority for benefits that are paid pursuant to the Social Security Act and the Railroad Retirement Act of 1974.
  • California authority for treatment of benefits as child support, including the history of California statutory authorities that allow for the credit toward court-ordered child support obligations of federal benefits received for the support of a child, and the evolution of the California statutory authorities.
  • California Department of Child Support Services policy letters for the procedural aspects of applying the benefits to child support obligations being enforced by local child support agencies.


The Child Support Directors Association has been approved by The State Bar of California as a continuing legal education provider for this activity to provide Minimum Continuing Legal Education Credit in the amount of one hour of general, self-study credit.

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