The Child Support Directors Association of California (CSDA)
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Get to Know Your Peers

Jamie Murray

An opportunity to interview CSDA Directors in each issue of ONE VOICE.

Jamie Murray, Director, Santa Cruz/San Benito Regional DCSS

jamie-murrayOne Voice (OV): Jamie, tell us a little about your education.

Jamie (J): I received my Bachelors in Industrial Psychology from Cal State Hayward and my Masters in Public Administration from Cal State East Bay University.

OV: What got you interested in working in child support?

J: I was working for a nonprofit doing outreach and I was looking for a more meaningful and steady career path.

OV: How long have you been in the child support profession?

J: I have been with the child support program for more than 25 years. Currently I am serving as the Director for Santa Cruz/San Benito Regional DCSS.

OV: Wow, that is a long time. Have you always worked in the Santa Cruz area?

J: No, I began my career in Contra Costa County as a case worker. I then worked for the State of California for 8 years. At the State I was a Senior Business Analyst on the CCSAS Project; served as the Consortia Oversight Manager for ARS and CASES; and as the Enterprise Project Manager for State DCSS.

OV: That must have been very interesting. What was your take-away from working at the state DCSS?

J: I learned a lot about project management and IT Governance while at DCSS. As a liaison between CSDA, the LCSA Directors and DCSS I got to know many of the Directors and their staff. I considered myself a county person at heart and always knew I would get back to an LCSA.

OV: So, how did you go from the State to running your own DCSS?

J: I was anxious to put all that I had learned to use by managing an LCSA. I served as the Director of Sutter County DCSS for 4 ½ years. I then came to Santa Cruz/San Benito to serve as their Director. I had continued to live in the Bay Area, commuting to Sacramento for my job with DCSS and then to Yuba City when I worked there. I enjoy living close to the beach so was thrilled when I was able to move with my husband of 30 years to the Santa Cruz area. As a mother of 4 and grandma of 2 I am excited to share this beautiful central coast with my family. We have been hiking, biking, kayaking, beachcombing and even spending a bit of time practicing on the SUP board.

OV: I know you have been very involved in CSDA. Tell us a little about your service.

J: I am currently serving a second term on the CSDA Board of Directors. My first three year term I served as the association Treasurer and in my second term held the office of Vice President and President. I have also participated as a committee member on a number of CSDA committees and I co-chaired the Annual Training Conference for 4 years.

OV: Seems like you have been very busy in the child support industry. What has volunteering for CSDA done for the profession and you personally?

J: Volunteering for CSDA has allowed me to work closely with my peers across the state and strengthen my commitment to the California Child Support program. Personally I have enhanced my confidence as a leader and decision maker.

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