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May 2019,  OneVoice CSDA Newsletter

Federal Office Focus: OCSE’s Veterans & Military Liaison Network

Soldier and child holding hands on white background, closeup

By James Murray, Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE)

May gives us an annual opportunity to recognize the unwavering service of current and former military members and their families. There are multiple observances this month, ranging from Armed Forces Day to Military Spouse Appreciation Day. In recognition of their service, we want you to know about OCSE’s Veterans and Military Liaison Network (VMLN), a tool we use to support the veteran and military families within the child support caseload.

What is the Network?

The VMLN is a group of child support professionals across the country who are invested in improving child support services for veterans, military members, and their families. Other members include service providers in veterans’ facilities or organizations. We maintain the VMLN to identify and promote innovative child support services that can help these families have healthy relationships and improve their financial self-sufficiency.

Key activities

We host webinars to provide information about military and child support resources, and child support and Department of Veterans Affairs laws, policies, and procedures to help VMLN members serve veteran and military families more effectively. Members can exchange information and share promising practices for outreach strategies and collaboration.

We provide information on OCSE resources like the Toolkit: Child Support Collaborations to Engage and Assist Veterans and the Handbook for Military Families. We also help identify the appropriate child support or veteran staff who can resolve unique and difficult cases, and make referrals to external partners with technical assistance expertise.

How can I join the VMLN?

Email us at We can also answer questions related to veterans and military outreach. You can play an important part in helping us honor veteran and military families and make sure they have positive experiences with the child support program.

For more resources related to working with veteran and military families, see the OCSE Military & Veterans website.