Break-In Easy

By Ross Hutchings, Executive Director, Child Support Directors Association

CSDA is the professional organization for LCSA Directors. As with most volunteer organizations, you wind up getting more from your involvement than you put into it. However, we know that you are very busy and may not have much time to volunteer. We know there are a number of you who would like to get involved – at least a little. We have the perfect opportunity – join the ONE VOICE newsletter Editorial Board!

Editorial Board is a fancy name for our group of Directors that help decide on articles and authors for each issue on ONE VOICE. We are looking for Directors who pay attention to presenters, read articles, or hear about topics that would be of interest to DCSS Directors so we can put them in various issues of our newsletter. We need at least four more Directors but would not turn down more.

Please volunteer to help make this one of the more outstanding benefits of CSDA. Contact CSDA Executive Director Ross Hutchings (rhutchings@csdaca.org) if you are willing to serve.

This is a great way to “Break-In Easy” for your involvement in CSDA.