Board of Directors

CSDA’s Board of Directors is a governing board with legal and fiduciary responsibility to the organization. All CSDA board members are required to fulfill this legal and fiduciary obligation. Board members do not serve in a representative capacity to their own or a class of member LCSAs. Upon joining the CSDA Board, a Board of Director’s responsibility and obligations are only to the association when serving in the capacity of a board member. The roles and responsibilities outlined below are intended to guide each current and prospective board member, and to provide an understanding of what is expected from the board beyond the legal requirements.

2024 Officers


Marcus Mitchell

Ventura County


Natalie Walter

San Luis Obispo County


Amy Weurdig

Eastern Sierra Regional


Natalie Dillon

Colusa, Sutter, and Yolo Regional


Terrie Hardy

Los Angeles County

2024 Members

Maria Arzola

Orange County

Kelley Cote

Lassen County

Dalen Fredrickson

Sacramento County

Bennett Hoffman

Humboldt County

Ron Ladage

El Dorado County

Abraham Mendoza

San Joaquin County

Liane Peck

Solano County