The Child Support Directors Association of California (CSDA)
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Program Research

CSDA maintains a body of research that reflects the issues the child support and academic community is or has focused on in the past.


CSDA prepares background materials and briefing documents to assist LCSA directors in the implementation of their local programs. Directors are encouraged to consider the use of these materials as they share information about their programs with local and community leaders or evaluate opportunities for improved program services.



Child Support Quarterly – 2008

The Story Behind the Numbers – Understanding and Managing Child Support Debt

OCSE – 2008

Factors Associated with Non-Payment of Child Support

Institute for Research on Poverty – 2008

Strategies for Preventing the Accumulation of Child Support Arrears

CLASP/Urban Institute – 2005

Examining Child Support Arrears in California: The Collectibility Study

Urban Institute – 2003

An Evaluation of the Colorado Arrears Forgiveness Demonstration Project

Center for Policy Research – 2002


California and Other State Comparisons

Strategies for Improving Child Support Collections in California

Legislative Analysts Office (LAO) – 2006

Child Support Enforcement: Comparing California’s Performance

Legislative Analysts Office (LAO) – 2005

CRB: California Child Support Comparison


Cost Avoidance

Cost Avoidance – The Texas Approach

Texas Child Support Division – 2008

Cost Avoidance Indicator

Washington State Department of Child Support Services – 2007

Cost Avoidance and Cost Recovery – Final Report and Powerpoint

Urban Institute – 2004

Cost Avoidance and Cost Recovery in California’s Child Support Program

Urban Institute – 2001

Data Warehouse

Enhancing Child Support Enforcement Efforts: Summary of Data Warehouse Efforts in Nine States

The Lewin Group – 2006

Guideline Calculator

How Do Child Support Orders Effect Payments and Compliance?

Orange County DCSS – 2011

Early Intervention

Early Intervention and Child Support Outcomes: Lessons Learned

University of Maryland Family Welfare Research and Training Group – 2009

Reducing Child Support Default Orders in Colorado

Center for Policy Research – 2007



Partners for Fragile Families Demonstration Projects: Employment and Child Support Outcomes and Trends

Urban Institute – 2007

What About The Dads? Child Welfare Agencies’ Efforts to Identify, Locate, and Involve Nonresident Fathers

Urban Institute – 2006


Debtor’s Prison

Journal of Poverty Law and Policy – 2007

Staying in Jobs and Out of the Underground: Child Support Policies that Work

Center for Law and Social Policy – 2007

Incarceration, Reentry and Child Support Issues – National and State Research Overview

OCSE – 2006

The Intersection of Incarceration and Child Support: A Snapshot of Maryland’s Case Load

Family Welfare Research and Training Group – 2005

Building Debt While Doing Time: Child Support and Incarceration

American Bar Association – 2004

Testing A Modification Process For An Incarcerated Parent

Center for Policy Research – 2001

Investment in Child Support

CA Child Support Program – A Cost Effective and Cost Efficient Program

CA State DCSS – 2008

Stretched Thin: 2008 – State Budget Cuts Undermine CA HHS Programs

California Budget Project – 2008

The Child Support Program: An Investment that Works

Center for Law and Social Policy – 2005

Child Support Offers Some Protection Against Poverty

The Urban Institute – 2000


Increasing Healthcare Coverage for Children: A New Coordinated Approach

Policy Studies Inc. – 2004

State Practices in Medical Child Support Cross-Program Coordination

Urban Institute – 2003


Analysis of Federal/State Financing of the Child Support Enforcement Program

Congressional Research Institute, 2012

Minnesota Department of Human Services, Child Support Enforcement Division – Analysis of Service Delivery Model

Deloitte – 2009

Minnesota Department of Human Services, Child Support Enforcement Division Policy BPR Project

Deloitte – 2009

Accurately Evaluating State Child Support Program Performance

National Conference of State Legislatures – 2008

Colorado Parenting Time/ Visitation Project

Center for Policy Research – 2007

Enhancing Child Support Enforcement Efforts Through Improved Use of Information on Debtor Income

The Lewin Group – 2006

Administrative and Judicial Processes for Establishing Child Support Orders

The Lewin Group – 2002

Child Support Enforcement is Working Better Than We Think

Urban Institute – 1999

Child Support Enforcement: How Well is it Doing?

Urban Institute – 1999


Does Debt Discourage Employment and Payment of Child Support? Evidence From a Natural Experiment

Institute for Research on Poverty – 2009

The Importance of Child Support for Low-Income Families

Institute for Research on Poverty – 2003

Special Topics

Rethinking the State-Local Relationship: Social Services

Current Population Reports: Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support: 2009

California’s Welfare Caseload

Public Policy Institute of California – 2012

Noncustodial Parents: Summaries of Research, Grants and Practices

OCSE – 2009

Driving High Performance in Government: Maximizing the Value of Public Sector Shared Services

Accenture – 2009

Birthrates and Fertility Trends in California

Public Policy Institute of California – 2008

Custodial Mothers and Fathers and Their Child Support

U.S. Census Bureau – 2007

Birthrates in California

California Counts – Populations, Trends and Profiles – 2007

The Impact of Child Support Enforcement on Nonmarital Child Bearing

University of Washington – 2006

Predicting Child Support Payment Delinquency Using SAS Enterprise Miner 5.1

SAS Institute – 2006

Maternity Before Maturity – Teen Birth Rates in California

California Counts – Population, Trends and Profiles – 2003