The Child Support Directors Association of California (CSDA)
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CSDA Membership

All 47 Local Child Support Agencies (LCSA) representing California’s 58 counties are members of the Child Support Directors Association.
Welcome to the Child Support Directors Association website. CSDA is your association. It was founded with the purpose of providing maximum professional support to LCSA directors in the areas of public policy, research and professional training. CSDA also provides a forum for Directors to work directly with top-level state officials from DCSS and the California Health and Human Services Agency.

Additionally, CSDA provides a venue for directors to share their ideas and experiences through quarterly membership meetings. These meetings typically focus on a number of priority issues that are either of statewide or local importance to the membership. CSDA values and encourages all points of view to be heard, and promotes a philosophy of inclusion, participation, and respect for fellow CSDA members.


CSDA strongly encourages each of its members to be an active participant. To that end, there are a number committees you may choose to join, depending on your particular interests.  Go to the COMMITTEES menu to request to join one of the CSDA committees.


In terms of leadership, CSDA’s Board of Directors and our committee chairs, largely directs our activities. The Board of Directors includes 11 at-large directors, a permanent seat for Los Angeles County. CSDA officers include the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Parliamentarian.