The Child Support Directors Association of California (CSDA)
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About CSDA

Who are we?

The Child Support Directors Association (CSDA) is a nonprofit organization comprised of the local child support directors representing the 58 counties throughout California.  The association was established in 2000 to be of service to the local child support agencies in their effort to provide children and families with the financial, medical, and emotional support required to be productive and healthy citizens in our society.


To transform the lives of children.


To advocate, educate, and collaborate on behalf of the local child support agencies to advance the child support program as a safety net service leading to family financial stability.

Who we are not...

CSDA is not a local child support agency and does not process child support cases.  For information or assistance with your personal child support case, you should call (866) 901-3212.


There are 47 local child support agencies throughout California that process and enforce child support cases. All cases processed at the county or regional level only.


Click here for additional resources and to learn how child support cases work.


Statement of values

The Child Support Directors Association strives to maintain the highest level of professionalism. The California child support program community reflects the rich diversity of the State of California – one of the most diverse communities in the world and one which we proudly serve on a daily basis. We are bound by Federal and State law prohibiting discrimination or disparate treatment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities, political affiliation, ancestry, and national origin. All activities and publications of the Association shall conform to the following statement of values:


  • Integrity
  • Collaborative
  • Progressive/Innovative
  • Commitment
  • Excellence
  • Unity
  • Courage
  • Respect
  • Tolerance