Issue 11.2018.07 - July 2018

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Director Message

By David Kilgore, Director - California Department of Child Support Services

Thank you all for the congratulations.  I am truly looking forward serving as your Director for California Child Support Services… Read more.


Senate Bill 380: Creating Flexibility for Eligible Families Receiving CalWORKs

By Sharon Wardale-Trejo, Regional Director - Merced/Mariposa Regional DCSS

On October 12, 2017, Governor Brown signed into law Senate Bill 380, creatively titled CalWORKs: child support. This article will be pretty technical in nature, so for those of you working with aided participants, read on!… Read more.


Budget – Funding

By Greg Wilson, Executive Director - Child Support Directors Association (CSDA)

The California Legislature has approved a $138.6 billion-dollar General Fund budget for fiscal year 2018-2019… Read more.



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San Diego DCSS Helping Plan for a Child’s Future

By Amy Miragliotta, Deputy Director, San Diego County DCSS

Saving for college can be a challenge for anyone, but perhaps it can be more so for families who rely on a non-custodial parent for child support payments… Read more.


Moving Your Office

By Carrie Topliffe, Director (Retired June 8, 2018) - Santa Barbara County DCSS

Whether you’ve just gotten new funding and intend to expand your operations or are desperate to reduce your costs by moving to a cheaper location, be prepared… Read more.


CSDA engages with AB1058 Court Subcommittee

By Ignacio J. Guerrero, Director - Santa Clara County DCSS

The Trial Court Budget Advisory Committee has five subcommittees; one of those is the AB1058 Funding Allocation Joint Subcommittee… Read more.


Procedural Justice in Child Support

By Diane Potts, Center for the Support of Families  

“People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

Studies consistently show that people care more about the fairness of the process than the ultimate outcome… Read more.


Meet Your Peers


Susanne Rizo

By first grade, I knew I would become a lawyer and had a keen desire to help others. I was born in sunny Long Beach, California. By the age of 4 my parents had divorced. Shortly after, my mom met and married a man that would move us to Mammoth Lakes, California… Read more.


Aaron Goodwin

I believe my outlook in life is the product of two things.  First, being raised in the Pacific Northwest; second, being the youngest within a very religious household.  Both of these things would train me to believe that life is bleak, cold, and miserable, but I should be happy because it can always get worse. Consistency was not a staple … Read more.


Where’s the Value in Values?

By Joseph Atteridge, The Pacific Institute

Nearly 70% of employees say they feel disengaged from their company’s mission, according to recent surveys by the Gallup Group.  Why?  … Read more.


2018 Legal College

October 1 - 4, 2018

Newport Beach, CA

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People on the Move - July 2018

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions. Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send an email to Stacy Gray… Read more.


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