Issue 10.2018.05 - May 2018

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Additional Funding Proposal

By Greg Wilson, Executive Director, CSDA

On Thursday, April 12, a contingent of LCSA directors led by Terrie Porter, Director of Child Support Services in Sacramento County, presented prepared testimony … Read more.


Leadership Institute 2018

By Lisa Dugan, Co-chair & Director, North Coast Regional DCSS

The Leadership Institute, an annual event put on by CSDA, provides a low cost high value educational opportunity to leaders and aspiring leaders… Read more.


LPC Corner - The Real ID Act of 2005

By Colin Anderson, Lead Attorney, Yolo County DCSS

An issue was raised at the latest Legal Practices Committee about the Real ID Act. It got me thinking that I really knew very little about the law or its requirements… Read more.

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Meet the New Executive Director

Greg Wilson, Executive Director, CSDA

I am a native Californian having spent my first year of life in the tiny town of Doris in Siskiyou county… Read more.


Procedural Justice Informed Alternatives to Contempt Grant

By Will Williamson, PJAC Project Manager, San Bernardino County DCSS

In October 2016, the California Department of Child Support Services was awarded the Procedural Justice Informed Alternatives to Contempt (PJAC) Section 1115 Demonstration Project Funding … Read more.


Texting Pilot Program Gets Underway in Contra Costa County

By Melinda Self, Director, Contra Costa County DCSS

It’s been twenty-six years since the first text was sent, and texting and mobile technology have become synonymous with daily life… Read more.


Disaster Preparedness

By Janet Nottley, Director, County of Napa DCSS

It’s midnight and your cell phone startles you awake. As you check your messages, you smell smoke and hear sirens. The first message is Nixle announcing mandatory evacuations for several areas in your county, including yours… Read more.


Learn to Win & Mentor Others—Part Two

By Lou Tice (as seen in Personal Excellence®)

Mentoring Others to Greatness Most successful people have benefited from a relationship with an individual who served as a mentor to them. The concept has ancient roots. Mentor was the name of the advisor to Odysseus, King of Ithaca and victorious leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War. So respected was … Read more.


Stability for Families….

How Community Culture Affects Service Delivery

By Kim Cagno, Director, San Mateo County DCSS

On February 28, 2018, over 200 child support professionals, stakeholders, policymakers, advocates, and educators attended … Read more.


2018 Legal College

October 1 - 4, 2018

Newport Beach, CA


People on the Move - May 2018

Who’s going where? This is a great opportunity to let us know who is promoting and or joining your organization. These are their new positions. Would you like to let us know who is moving and where? Send an email to Stacy Gray to share in our next issue of OneVoice… Read more.


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