March 2019,  OneVoice CSDA Newsletter

2019 Policy Symposium

“Building a Future for Families by Transforming Services”

We have an exciting lineup of talented and thoughtful speakers guiding us to explore future trends, share current research, and explain new policy decisions impacting the future of delivering service in California. We welcome the acclaimed futurist Mary O’Hara-Devereaux, who will illuminate the changing landscape of work, family, and society. Using data and analytics, she creates informational forecasts, so leaders are able to make smarter, long-term decisions. Heather Hahn, a researcher at the Urban Institute, will discuss ways to support low-income families through the application of three core principles of mobility: economic success, power and autonomy, and being valued in community.

Because the workforce is dramatically changing, families we serve struggle to adapt to meet these new challenges. We will learn about opportunities as well as barriers for our future workforce from Amar Mann of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, along with Ashley Anglesey and Sandra Hamameh from the California Workforce Development Board. Our State DCSS Director, David Kilgore, will share his all-encompassing vision for the future of the child support program.

To wrap up the day, we’re honored to host Senator Holly Mitchell, who will inspire us into action. She will discuss the next steps in transforming the lives of children and how we can be an integral aspect of the solution.

We look forward to seeing all those attending and presenting Wednesday, March 13, at the Hilton Arden West in Sacramento for a lively day of exploration, discussion, and policy recommendations.

Chair, Jamie Murray, Director, Santa Cruz/San Benito Regional DCSS

2019 Policy Symposium


“Building a Future for Families Through Transforming Services”

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 (9:00am – 4:00pm)

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Download Presentations:

Mary O’hara-Devereaux – Building a Future for Families


Dr.Heather Hahn – Transforming Services Lives

Here are some links and information in response to a couple of questions after my presentation. 

1) Here is the idea paper: Transforming Child Support into a Family-Building System

2) Here is a public radio article and two scholarly articles about Judge Bruce Peterson’s Family Court demonstration in Hennepin County, Minnesota:

Mary S. Marczak, Emily H. Becher, Alisha M. Hardman, Dylan L. Galos, and Ebony Ruhland, “Strengthening the Role of Unmarried Fathers: Findings from the Co-Parent Court Project.” Family Process 54, no. 4 (2015): 630– 38.

Mary S. Marczak, Dylan L. Galos, Alisha M. Hardman, Emily H. Becher, Ebony Ruhland, and Kjersti A. Olson,“Co- Parent Court: A Problem-Solving Court Model for Supporting Unmarried Parents,” Family Court Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal 53, no. 2 (2015): 267–78.

3) And here are some slides from a presentation Colorado gave on their child support changes, and the contact information for the Colorado Director of Child Support. 

Katie Griego and Larry Desbien, “Direct Support for Children: Colorado’s Child Support Pass-Through. Senate Bill 15-012,” presented at the National Association for Welfare Research and Statistics 2017 workshop, Pittsburgh, July 30–August 2, 2017, 

Larry Desbien, Director, Colorado Department of Human Services Office of Economic Security, Child Support Services Larry.Desbien@State.CO.US


Amar Mann – BLS Economic Overview

Ashley Anglesey & Sandra Hamameh – The Changing Workforce

David Kilgore – Call to Action: Future of Child Support


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