Crucial Conversations

Start Date: 08-23-2017
End Date: 08-24-2017

This two-day training will provide tools for talking when stakes are high, emotions run strong, and there are opposing opinions. Despite the importance of the need to hold crucial conversations, we often back away from the conversations because we fear we’ll make matters worse or we fear how others will react. We’ve become masters at avoiding tough conversations. Coworkers send e-mail to each other when they should walk down the hall and talk. Bosses leave voice mail in lieu of meeting with their direct reports. We use all kinds of tactics to dodge touchy issues. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Crucial Conversations training is a 9 module training that includes a participant workbook and tool kit, instructional DVDs or downloads from the internet, cue cards, and an interactive curriculum designed to assist attendees in holding effective, but tough conversations about virtually any topic while protecting and strengthening personal and workplace relationships. This training will help staff stay focused on reaching solutions and getting better results. (Please note that the registration cost of $305.00 for this training only covers the proprietary materials used during this training).

Name: San Luis Obispo County DCSS
Address: 1200 Monterey Street
Activity: Registration